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Freak out moment!

I just love every time Katie takes a bath. There’s a constant chatter coming from the bathroom. Either she’s making up a song that she sings while she’s bathing (she gets that from me) or she sits in the tub until she turns into a prune (she gets that from Dave).

Tonight, she decided she is going to prolong the inevitable going to bed by going the prune route. After shouting back the hall “it’s time to get out!” for the thousandth time, I threated to come pull the plug.

“Okay, okay, I’m getting out!” she shouts.

As she’s drying off, I hear the sound of a nonsense song being made up. “Rub-a-dub…..I’m out of the tub. I’m drying my body and getting my towel wet. I don’t want to go to bed yet!  Oh, yeah, oh yeah….”

Suddenly, there’s a loud scream!  “Get out, get out!!” she screams.

“Who are you screaming at, Katie?” I hollar back the hall.

“Cali (the cat). She’s looking at me and I’m naked!” she screams.

“Really? You do realize she’s a cat and doesn’t know you’re ‘naked’ don’t you!”

“Well, yeah, but it’s sort of freaking me out that she’s just sitting there staring at me.”

By this time, I’m back at the bathroom, just looking at her and rolling my eyes.

“Okay, Mom, I get it. ‘Get over it’, I know!!!” Even though it might seem a bit ridiculous that she’s freaking out over the cat staring at her naked body, I’m thankful that she’s concerned enough about being modest that it bothers her even when the cat looks at her! I hope she keeps that modesty for a very loooonnnggg time!DSC00677