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Follow That Bird!!

I was looking at my Facebook page this evening, and remembered I had written quite a few “notes” on FB before starting this blog. Seems like no one writes “notes” on FB anymore since you aren’t as limited in how many words you can put in a post. But, some of these stories were pretty hilarious, so tonight I’m going to post a few and have a little blast from the past!

Here’s the first of those stories:

We get home from work this evening, and Katie decides to play outside. She’s not out long until she comes flying back in the house. “Mommmmmmmy!!!! There’s a bird in our basement!”

Now, of course, I think she’s making this up, ’cause how could that possibly be?? “Katie, there is not!”

“Yes, Mommy, there is! I was on the front porch and saw something move in the basement window and there’s a bird pecking at the window like it’s saying ‘let me out, let me out’!”

“David!!!!! Katie says there’s a bird in the basement!”

“I’m on my way to check it out….. (mumbles under his breath)…sure there’s a bird in the basement, yeah right!” So, down the steps goes Dave and within minutes he’s back up.

“So, no bird, right?” I ask.

“Oh, there’s a bird all right! It’s a stinkin’ starling. I’m getting my pellet gun and letting it have it! Be right back!” A few minutes pass…….hmmmmm, I’m not hearing the pellet gun go off……hmmmm, wonder what’s going on…….

Still can't figure how a starling ever got into our basement!

Still can’t figure how a starling ever got into our basement!

“Dave! Did you get it yet?”

“NO! It’s flying around now….dumb bird!” Waiting, waiting…….CRASH!!!!

“Honey what happened????”

Here he comes up the steps. “Bird’s gone.”

“You shoot it?”

“Nope. Dumb thing kept flying around the room and landing on the window sill and kept pecking the window. It was retarded. I’m sure the bird is stupid.”

“Sooooo, what was the crash?”

“Well, during one of it’s laps around the room, I opened the window and when it landed again to peck the window, realized it was open and flew out.”

Dave spent the next hour trying to figure out how a bird got in the basement. It’s a mystery. There were no open windows, and they were all locked. There was no way it could get out of the chimney and into the house because it wouldn’t be able to get out of our furnace. No hole in the dryer vent big enough. So, Dave heads for the attic, thinking perhaps he came in that way and crawled down through the duct work or down through the wall. No evidence of bird entry there either. We are clueless how this bird got into the house.

I got it! It’s a ghost bird, that’s it! It can pass through walls! I’ll stick with that for an explanation! Anybody else have any thoughts????