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I’m Still Here

So, for those of you that follow me….yeah, I know, I haven’t posted a blog entry for a very long time. Don’t think I’ve given up blogging…I haven’t. I have hundreds of things floating around in my head at present that I’d love to write about.

Life’s just been busy lately. If you remember, I work for a Christian ministry that has summer camp, and well, it’s summer so we’re, you know…having camp. It makes for a lot of long weeks and tiring days. Not that I’m working as hard as the counselors do. It’s a different kind of work.

Also, right now, I’m struggling pretty badly with my arthritis. There have been a lot of setbacks and little progress in my treatment. However, I am starting a new med today that hopefully will be my “wonder drug!” (Fingers crossed!)

So, stay tuned! I’m still here! Just being a little quiet for a bit! In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my new sweet little kitty, Tillie! 🙂 Be back soon!

Miss Cookie Matilda, "Tillie" for short!

Miss Cookie Matilda, “Tillie” for short!

Thy Word Have I Hid…

As part of my job, I had the priveldge of attending my daughter’s Released Time Bible Program today. She was excited that I was coming.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all it has been around 33 years since I was a Released Time student. Surely, it was different than it was then. But, you know what? It really hasn’t changed all that much! All the children still recite bible verses, they all still hear a bible lesson, and they still sing songs.

imagesCAWCRD17I observed as the children recited their verses. One sweet little girl was struggling with her verse. Her listener was patient and helped her learn the verse. Within a few moments, she was able to recite it three times in a row, unassisted. “Phew,” she said as she looked at me. “I wasn’t sure I’d ever get that one!”

Today was awards day too. Katie was thrilled that her name was called not just once, but twice! She got two prizes today and I learned that she’s just a handful of points or so away from earning her bible! With a little determination, she could accomplish that this year yet! There were many who received bibles today. Some of them cradled them as the precious possession it is. Others put it in their bag they brought to class. Hopefully, they realize what a real treasure they have!

There were 3 children in 5th grade who had the required points to earn free camp! There were congratulations all around for this accomplishment! (I get to see these kids again this summer!)

I saw a young boy who was rattling off verses left and right. You could tell his parents help him learn verses. He had them perfected!

One listener was telling her two students about a Mother/Son retreat this weekend. I heard the one boy say, “Money is really tight right now. I don’t think Mom would bring me.”

My ears perked up and I asked the listener if I could talk to him. I was able to tell him about the Campership Fund we have to help children who can’t afford to go to camp. “I doubt if I could get money from that. I won’t be going to camp either, but I’d really like to go!” I told him he could use funds from this account for both things if his mother would let him. “She won’t if she has to pay it back.” he said.

“She wouldn’t have to pay it back; it’s a gift to you to come to camp!”

“Wow, that’s cool! Am I allowed to tell my mom?”

“Of course!” I replied. “That’s why I told you!” I wrote down the information for him, because we all know 10-11-year-old boys aren’t real good at remembering things!

“You made my day, lady!” he said.

I was amazed to hear these children recite so many verses! I recalled the first verse I ever learned….Romans 3:23 – “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” That was in kindergarden.  When I got to Released Time, it was Psalm 119:11 – “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”

It’s wonderful to think about how these verses will be forever a part of these kids lives! What verses do you have hidden in your heart?


♫Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to camp I go!♫

Katie loves camp! Katie would live at camp if we’d let her! She wants to spend all her free moments there, experiencing all the activities and fun that can be had.

This weekend, she gets to learn about being a “princess” in God’s Kingdom. I think she’s most excited because the speaker for the weekend is also a balloon artist and makes really cool stuff out of balloons.

Katie at camp this past summer. She was seriously having fun...she just likes to make goofy faces!

Katie at camp this past summer. She was seriously having fun…she just likes to make goofy faces!

One thing that I love about her being at camp so much is that she is getting good solid biblical teaching while she’s there. I’m excited that she loves camp so much, especially when I think of all the options for kids out there and how many of them aren’t really good choices. Things aren’t like they were when we grew up.

That's Katie in the red shirt making the goofy face!

That’s Katie in the red shirt making the goofy face!

Katie told me she’d like to work at camp someday. She has ideas of taking over my job! Well, sure, if she thinks she can handle it! As I greeted parents coming in to register this evening, she insisted on standing with me. “I want to help,” she said.

I told her she couldn’t do my job. She said, “Sure I can. I just say hi to everybody.” (Well, it’s a little more than that Katie!) I explained that if she did that when I was supposed to do it and if she did it better than I did, then I wouln’t have a job. “Nah,” she said. They’d let you do it till I was old enough to do it for you.” (Really? She does have this all figured out!)

I won’t discourage her if she’d like to pursue a camp career when she’s older. I just hope it will be at a camp close to home! I wouldn’t want her to go to camp permanently and I’d never see her! Meanwhile, until she is old enough to work full-time at camp, I’ll let her go as much as she wants. It’ll only help her as she grows in her walk with God!

Katie and her friend Rachel

Katie and her friend Rachel at Camp Joy El.