♫Smelly cat, smelly cat…it’s not your fault!♫

Cali the drier days!

Cali the cat….in drier days!

Several weeks ago, our cat, Cali jumped up on my lap and I suddenly smelled a stench.  Oh my word did she smell! We decided to give her bath that day. Katie apparently thought that gave her permission to bathe the cat any time she wanted.

About a week after the much-needed bath, Katie pulled Cali into the tub with her. Such howling from the cat! She quickly escaped and took off running through the house. Even though she was bogged down with wet fur, she was surprisingly fast. Until Dave and I caught her, she had every last room wet in some way! We literally spent a half hour cleaning up little water puddles!  Katie was punished for washing the cat and told to never do it again. We thought she had learned her lesson. (How silly of us for thinking!!)

When I got home from choir practice last night, I went to the bathroom. When I walked in, there was a pile of towels on the floor in front of the tub, one rug was soaked, and there was heavy towel so wet it was on the verge of dripping. “What happened in here?” I yelled.

David said, “Ask Katie!”

So, Katie shared the story and was it ever a tale!! Here’s how she related the saga to me:

Last night, Katie was sent for a bath as I left to go to choir. Dave was getting ready to watch a little TV and relax for the evening. Unbeknownst to him, Katie shut the bathroom door, but not until after she had trapped the cat inside. Katie decided that if she was getting a bath, the cat might as well get one too, and so the cat was put into the tub. She grabbed the shampoo and scrubbed her. Then she grabbed a towel (one of my best thick absorbent towels) and wrapped her up tightly in it. The cat, according to Katie, “waited” for Katie to finish her bath. (Never mind that the cat was unable to move because of how it was wrapped!) Then Katie proceeded to dry the cat.

Well, the cat apparently enjoyed being wet and soon escaped Katie’s clutches. Katie took off after Cali and pinned her down until she got the hairdryer hooked up. (Now this something I would have loved to see!) “Cali didn’t care for the hairdryer much and I couldn’t keep her pinned down. I don’t get it….the hairdryer has warm heat and it would dry her. She should have enjoyed the heat ’cause she was shivering.” (Really? Ya think she was cold? Did ya ever think cats weren’t used to being washed?)

After a failed attempt of totally drying her with the hairdryer, Katie had another brilliant idea. Now Katie is telling me this as she stands there in her fleece footie pajamas and my mind can only imagine where this story is leading!  “She was still shivering, even after trying the hairdryer, so I unzipped my jammies (Oh, I don’t like where this is headed!) and stuck her inside and zipped them back shut.”

“How did that work out for you? ” I asked, trying not to do one of those laughs where it comes out so fast and hard that you spit.

“Oh, not so good. She started to crawl around inside there and meowed ’cause she wanted out.” (Ya, think?)

“So then what did you do?” I questioned.

“I left her in there. It was for her own good. She needed body heat to warm up.” (Note to self….Katie doesn’t get to watch “Deck the Halls” anymore!)  (Check out the very end of this clip and you’ll know what I’m referring to!)

“I finally let her out ’cause she was tickling me….a lot!”

I just had to ask, “So why is everything soaked in the bathroom?”

“I just told you, Mom. I gave Cali a bath, duh! I had to try to get her dry somehow!” (With the entire contents of the bathroom?)

Oh well….the cat survived and so did Katie. This time, Dave was punished for not paying attention to what was going on. Guess who got to clean the bathroom. Poor Dave! You  just can’t trust a 10-year-old not to be stupid sometimes! Guess Dave learned that the hard way! You do have to admit, she does look good when she's clean!

You do have to admit, she does look good when she’s clean!