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Death of a Potato Chip

I can hardly believe it! When I heard the news, my heart skipped a beat. My all-time favorite potato chip will no longer be made after this Saturday! Please tell me it’s not so!

A display of the best chips on earth...Gibble's Potato Chips!

A display of the best chips on earth…Gibble’s Potato Chips!

It’s the typical story of the death of another “mom & pop” business that made it good, but due to the economy and politics, and perhaps a business deal gone wrong, this long-standing icon of Southern Pennsylvania will be laid to rest on March 9, 2013. A good question is, “Why?” Why did it have to come to this? Those who sold the company thought they were doing something good….something that would benefit the employees of Gibbles. But the tables were turned today as the former owners and the employees they left to this new company’s care discovered the nasty truth…..people lie.

An entire plant of snack food workers are losing their jobs as the world loses one of the best potato chips I’ve ever tasted. How sad. I doubt these workers will ever forget how they felt when they found out their former employer was betrayed by this new owner.

I have grown up with Gibble’s chips. Their cheese puffys are out of this world! No one, and I really mean no one else’s cheese puffys even come close to the orangey cheese goodness these delectable puffs hold! This is a tragedy!

World's best cheese puff!

World’s best cheese puff!

Will I survive? Yes. Will everyone else who loved these snacks survive? Yes. We’ll all move on and find other snacks (though none will compare to these!). Will these workers survive? Yes…and hopefully find new jobs.

But there’s nothing quite like a big sandwich or hoagie with a side of Gibble’s chips. Or better yet, a hoagie with some Gibble’s chips placed in the sandwich for extra “crunch”. These chips tasted so good with dip too!  Around here, a staple in most homes was Gibble’s chips and Martin’s rolls (and if you’ve never had a Martin’s potato roll….you are really missing out!). The two went hand-in-hand and at one point they were part of the same company. Oh, if only Martin’s could buy them back!

Other areas knew the value of these delectable chips. I had relatives that lived in Iowa. Whenever my grandparents would go to Iowa, or those folks would visit Pennsylvania, there was always a trunk full of Gibbles chips, Martin’s rolls and lebanon bologna involved. They just couldn’t get this great-tasting stuff in Iowa. And, now we can’t get one of those things here anymore either! 😦

On my way home tonight, I stopped at our local market, Sunnyway; I bought 4 bags of chips and the last 4 bags of cheese puffys on the shelf. Had there been more money in my wallet, I would have purchased more chips in original and BBQ flavors. I’m rationing these snacks until they’re gone.  I will miss them so!!

Rest in peace, Gibble’s potato chip. You will be missed.


Aaaah…the first robin of spring! Ooops! Or not!

This evening on my way home from work, I saw my first robin of spring. In fact, I saw two of them bobbing along the road. Aaah, yes! One of the first signs that spring is truly on the way. I smiled as I saw them hopping along. And then it happened. It was so quick, so unexpected. Just as I reached the happy little pair, they lifted off ready to fly.


I didn’t mean to do it. It just sort of happened. I heard a little “thump”, and when I looked in the rearview mirror, there was nothing but feathers in sight. I had killed the first robin of spring!! (At least the first one I saw this year.) This can’t be good! It must mean something like a year of bad luck or something. I feel terrible. Poor robin! I feel sorry for your widow or widower that I left behind. Hopefully, they will find another robin just like you!

I’m quite proficient in hitting birds with my van. Perhaps I need to get a big fake owl for the grill to warn birds to get out of my way!

Oh well! Spring will come even though I killed the robin. This morning was proof of that as all the snow we got yesterday was already melted and gone and I was comfy going to work in a light jacket.

Come on Spring! Come with your flowers, your warmer weather, your longer days…..and I’ll try not to kill any more of your robins!