Archive | February 20, 2013

♫Walkin’ in a winter….um…♪ Raindrops keep fallin….okay…..♫ Somewhere over the rainbow….oh please! Make up your mind!

The weather the past two days has been exceptionally weird. Yesterday we experienced pretty much anything you could come up with in a day as far as weather is concerned. I awoke to a beautiful sunrise, soon followed by giant snowball-like snowflakes coming down. This snow (which all the weather men assured us wouldn’t amount to much) started to accumulate and mix with sleet. We soon had around 2 inches! The temp dropped into the 20’s. By lunch time, it had all stopped. The sun came out and everything melted. Then came the rain, but it too was brief. Again there was a period of sun. But then there came a thunderstorm! Who ever heard of a thunderstorm in February….that’s a summer thing! I even heard reports of hail in the area. Once Mother Nature got done with her temper tantrum, it got windy.

Today, it flurried most of the day. It was cold and windy all day. I sure am anticipating spring! In fact, a friend reminded me that there are only 27 more days until we have Spring. (I believe I’ll start a countdown for that!)

The strangeness of the weather got me thinking. I recalled a verse from Hosea 6:3 – Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.” (NIV) Now, I’m not sure if we had “winter rains” or “spring rains”, but this verse reminded me that in all this, God was here. Did I thank Him for this weather. No, I didn’t, but I did thank Him for the safety He provided as I traveled in the sleet and snow.

I wonder how often God is visibly right in front of us. How many times does he allow something to happen to get our attention so we can feel His presence.  How many times has He been obviously close by, but yet I didn’t acknowledge Him. If I couldn’t tell after the rumble of thunder that rattled the walls of my office that God was present, then I must have been oblivious. I know that He is always with me…there are just times when it seems He’s a little closer than usual.

Yesterday, after all that strange weather, God sent us a sign that He was definitely there. He painted a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

A complete rainbow in our backyard this past summer!

A complete rainbow in our backyard this past summer!

I’ve been feeling His presence in my life more and more lately. It’s undeniable that He’s here. He’s provided for us in so many ways….ways I don’t even know about, but yet there are many ways that I do know. As this blog progresses, I’ll share how He provides in the lives of His people.

I stepped out in faith 7 months ago to take on a job I had never done, for less pay than I was making, and without a clue how I was going to survive it all. But God has provided! Neither my family or I have wanted for anything. We have been cared for by God and He constantly is reminding me that He is in control of everything. Now, if only I would take the time to acknowledge His presence at all times. Keep reminding me, Lord!